Dame Emma Thompson

Emma has been a part of Laura’s story since she was first diagnosed in 2014 and followed her bravery and commitment to helping others. We are delighted that Emma has agreed to be a patron of Big C Little Warrior and her invaluable support will help us to build a worthy legacy for Laura and continue her mission to spread joy and care to other cancer sufferers.


Mark Powell

There is nothing more fitting than running this charity just how Laura would have done. Laura always looked for things she could do for people, she wanted them to be happy, no matter how unwell she was.

Everyone who experiences cancer in their lives will know that you have little or no control over what happens. The treatment is hard on your body and there are more times than not that you feel rubbish. Hopefully Big C Little Warrior will help to lift people’s spirits and feel brighter as they deal with living with cancer.

I am proud to say that I am Laura’s Dad and having been Laura’s carer over the past five years, I can see how so many people will benefit from Laura’s loving legacy.

Annette Powell

As Laura’s Mum spending the last 5 years with Laura fighting cancer puts everything into perspective. A day on a hospital ward soon becomes weeks and for some of the families I have met can become months. ‘Big C Little Warrior’ will bring sparkle into the lives of people affected with cancer, bringing happiness and relief from the rigorous treatment regimes which they endure.

Chris Yates

I am so proud to be a trustee of this wonderful charity. I firmly believe that our work will make a big difference to those affected by cancer. My niece Laura was a wonderful, kind, generous and giving young lady who dedicated her time to helping others with cancer. It feels so right and fitting that we continue her work with this excellent charity.

Lorraine Yates

As Laura’s auntie, I’ve seen how difficult the fight against cancer can be, both for patients and the devastating effect on the families supporting them. But through this time I also saw the glimmer of light that shone through the kindness of strangers. I jumped at the chance to be part of Laura’s legacy ‘Big C Little Warrior’ and am honoured to be able to help shine this light into more lives.

Chris Newton

The opportunity to be involved in supporting the work of Big C Little Warrior is a real privilege.  Having lost family and friends to cancer and worked closely with various cancer charities in a Corporate Social Responsibility role, I am passionate about helping to relieve those suffering from or affected by cancer and believe that our work will make a real difference.

Rachel Lollar

I am so honoured to be a trustee of Big C Little Warrior, set up in memory of Laura. Laura was the sweetest little friend to my daughter when they were both undergoing gruelling treatment for brain tumours in 2015. Laura sparkled and giggled even when she was so sick, and we want to share some of her warmth, care and sparkle with fellow cancer-patients through this charity.

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